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05-18-2012 RESA/AREM Press Release on CPUC Direct Access Report (PDF)

03-15-2011 SBX1 2 Assembly Floor Alert (PDF)

03-15-2011 SBX1 2 (Simitian, Kehoe and Steinberg) Renewable Energy Resources (PDF)

02-04-2011 Third Round of Direct Access ReOpening (PDF)

07-22-2010 CACES Customer Letter - SB 722 (PDF)

05-10-2010 Direct Access ReOpening (PDF)

10-12-2009 Success of Senate Bill 695 (PDF)

07-28-2008 Public Opinion on Customer Choice Release (PDF)

12-12-2008 SF Chronicle Editorial (PDF)

12-14-2008 Peevey response to SF Chronicle (PDF)

12-16-2008 CACES Opinion/Editorial Response to SF Chronicle (PDF)

01-21-2009 Direct Access Polling Data Press Release (DOC)


News Articles

05-04-2007 It's ba-ack: PUC to take another look at retail power purchases
Sacramento Business Journal
05-25-2007 State board reconsiders deregulation
Panel to see if it can override law

San Diego Union Tribune
05-25-2007 PUC moves to deregulate some energy
Associated Press
05-25-2007 PUC to look into deregulation
That's Legislature's job, top lawmakers say as plan evokes memories of energy crisis for some

Bee Capitol Bureau
05-29-2007 Editorial: An electricity market?
Any 'deregulation' can't mean dirty power

Sacramento Bee
06-06-2007 Direct access to energy revisited;
Experts weigh in on the effects of returning the state to deregulation


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